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My favorite prenatal yoga DVD

Hi, Maya here,

After I found out that yoga during pregnancy was not a big problem I did have trouble getting to my yoga classes so I decided to get a prenatal yoga DVD.

And of course I couldn’t decide and bought 3 prenatal yoga DVDs :) I thought I’d let you know what I think about them.

Prenatal Yoga – I bought this DVD early in my pregnancy, and found it too easy. However, at 9 months pregnant, it was the only yoga I could still do :) . The pace is good, and the adjusted postures are still comfortable. I’d recommend it for those people who are now finding regular yoga practice no longer feasible.

Summer Sanders’ Prenatal Workout Not really a yoga DVD but still. The DVD has 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester workouts. Each workout is different and each one helps you feel like you’re doing something great for yourself and your baby. Summer Sanders is cheerful and informative, without being cheesy. The video is easy to follow and provides you with an excellent workout for each trimester. I recommend this video to anyone who wants to continue to exercise during pregnancy or even just starting out with a fitness routine in pregnancy. Now I have to say that I didn’t do my exercise in a long time and was still able to do the exercise, though I have to admit, I was so sore after the first few times! LOL My body quickly became used to exercising again and the workouts helped me feel better physically and mentally. I still use this DVD even after my pregnancy just to to stay in shape.

South Beach Prenatal Yoga

I have done this DVD every day since I got it. I love it! It is classy, hip, modern, visually stunning and a fantastic workout and it helps me sleep at night. There is something for all trimesters of pregnancy and all yoga skill levels. And not to mention it saves me money on prenatal yoga classes.

All 3 DVDs show women in different trimesters doing the exercises and mention appropriate modifications. All three videos explain how to do the exercises safely and how to recognize warning signs of overdoing it.

If you’re a yoga gal like me and you want to buy just one prenatal yoga DVD, get South Beach Prenatal Yoga there are all kinds of fun features, including breathing and delivery techniques. I highly recommend this for any mom-to-be.

Click here to read more on South Beach Prenatal Yoga

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Yoga for Non-spirituals

For a large number of people, whenever they think about the Yoga the image that comes into their minds is that of an old man seated on a pillar of stone wearing a loin cloth with crossed legs and arms placed on the knees.  He maybe chanting, humming or with a relaxed and serene look on this face. I am a person who dislikes sitting about and hate to see even a minute go and having associated this with Yoga it never interested. However, my perceptions have since changed and through this article I want to share with you my personal journey with Yoga and the benefits I have experienced as non-spiritual individual.

On my first Yoga class, I spent a good amount of time seated in silence and looking bored. As the instructor went on and on talking about harmony, internal peace as well the stability and energy moving within, I had almost reached a point of never going there again but I got fortunate. Non spiritual yoga

The people in the class included a professor from a local. This made me wonder what a professor was doing in this Yoga class. I was able to briefly interact with him. The professor actually noticed me due to my bored look.  He informed me how he also went through a similar phase when he started the class but he later began to translate the talk from the instructor and replaced them with biological terms and it began to make sense. It served as an eye opener to me as I began to understand the entire process.

I became aware of the fact that blood takes nutrients as well as oxygen all over the body.  I am aware that in the event that our cells fail to receive all the necessary nutrients as well as supplements they weaken thereby leading to ill health. Maintain a constant flow of new blood within the body is critical when it comes to maintaining healthy bodies. This can be achieved through Yoga.

Through Yoga, certain areas within a muscle are effectively stretched out thereby allowing the blood to flow within the body in a free manner as it takes nutrients to different parts of the body. As you learn how to focus on your breathing and maintaining an inner peace, the blood within your boy will begin to flow freely and bring about a significant improvement to your health.

About 40% of the factors linked to various medical issues have stress as their source. Generally stress comes about as a result of too much thinking. Yoga teaches a person who to case all their worries aside leaving their brains free to focus on functions that will help to better their health. In my time of practicing Yoga, i have also been able to develop a spiritual side that I did not have before. This spirituality will help you come to a realization on the importance of your personal wellbeing and good health. Whether or not the same happens to you, remains to be realized. However, in case you have putting Yoga aside, it is necessary for you to know its link with science and by finally giving it a chance yu will be surprised by its results.



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Yoga being a Life Philosophy

Yoga means a variety of things to different people, therefore what this means is that its meaning will greatly depend on your introduction to it and how enjoyable your first experiences with Yoga were. To a number of people, Yoga is basically a workout method that helps them to maintain healthy and flexible bodies. For another group of people, Yoga is more than a form of workout routine and have taken it deeper and have gained a spiritual experience that enables them to find the right kind of balance needed in their lives.Yoga Philosophy

When it comes to Yoga discipline, Ashtanga Vinyasa is the best example of this type. It originates from a manuscript which is best referred to as Korunta Yoga. This type of Yoga consists of 8 different spiritual actions which are referred to as Patanjali when it comes to Sutra Yoga.  In this day and age, the disciplines involve in Yoga directly come from the explanations of Yoga workouts provided in these booklets. Therefore a good number of the different types of Yoga are simply Ashtanga Vinyasi variations.

It is highly important for one to get the right kind of knowledge when it comes to Ashtanga Yoga. This is due to the fact that its supporters see it as more than a form of workout. While its foundation is linked to physical movement, it has been noted that its energy is derived from spiritual strength which is gotten from constant disciplined training of all the 8 steps of Yoga.  These 8 steps of Yoga help in the purification of  the body as well as the mind and are therefore referred to as a cleansing discipline.

The discipline involved in Ashtanga Vinyasa also includes a philosophical and profound way of connecting to everyone around you.  As a discipline connected to balance, the physical balance needed to perform a good number of the workouts whose results will be reflected through the inner balance or the soul’s harmony.  It has been noted that an overactive person cannot be effective with Yoga. This has been proven through a number of levels. To begin with they do not have the discipline required to maintain calmness and psychological focus throughout the workout or on a given task. In order to successfully perform Yoga routines, one has to maintain deep concentration especially when it comes to breathing.

Yoga’s strength lies in its blend of the required mobility as well as physical strength required to successfully perform the necessary movements as well as the psychological discipline that is needed to retain them.  Other than being a type of exercise, Yoga is highly considered as a type of meditation. In order to achieve the right kind of meditation through Yoga, one is required to maintain pure thoughts and a focused mind. This level of focus and purity of thoughts is usually not found in a large number of contemporary workout programs being used. Yoga helps to bring good balance to the body and the needed focus to maintain the balance.


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Yoga and its Universal Appeal

The practice of Yoga has been around for a period of about 400 years and it is made up of a system of workouts that are quite easy as well as effective when it comes to improving an individual’s general health  overall health.  For the instructors and students that take part in Yoga, some of their common phrases include “being in total agreement with oneself and his environments”. This is the main goal of Yoga which is toattainoneness with the body, mind as well as in spirit and with everything around us.  Other than using Yoga to enable you to stimulate various internal organs such as the prostate, you will also learn how to breathing and meditation methods which will help you maintain calm. This will also prove to be very useful for the pregnant women.Yoga for pregnant Women

Yoga consists of a number of aspects. Out of these aspects the most interesting one is the fact that it is made up of a set of workouts that are enjoyable and beneficial to anyone. These workouts do not need any lavish equipment or distinct setting. These routines can be performed byany individual and regardless of their health statues. Yoga can also be practiced by pregnant women as it helps to make the childbirth process easier and much shorter and is also considered to be quite safe.

For a long time, men have had a preconception that Yoga practiced as a pastime for females. However, this has not truth to it. The benefits experienced by men through Yoga are numerous with examples including: reduced stressbrings about relaxation as well as increased power, endurance and flexibility.

Yoga is beneficial to everyone including senior citizens and usually offers numerous benefits to such individuals. This would include mental benefits that help to improve on their attention span and on their memory. Children also have a lot to benefit from Yoga as it helps to strengthen their bones, improve circulation and posture which is brought about by breathing workouts and relaxation regime.

As previously stated Yoga is beneficial to every individual and is also known to improve the health statues of individuals suffering from various health issues. Some of the conditions it helps to improve include blood pressure, arthritis as well as breathing disorders.

Due to all the benefits associated with Yoga, this practice has become quite popular amongst different people.  Another important factor about Yoga is the fact that it can be practiced by anyone. This will therefore make it possible for families to maintain physical fitness as well as sound health. Every member of the family will also be able to come together and spend some quality time as they practice their routines. These workouts can be practiced on different levels of struggles and concentration. This therefore means that different people can reach varying levels of power as well as mobility while going through similar motions and still get to enjoy numerous benefits such as relaxed mind and body even in turmoil.


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Why is yoga considered as the perfect exercise?

What is the exact meaning of a perfect exercise? A perfect exercise is the one which not only makes its effect felt externally but also internally. It helps in the circulation of the blood, it helps in enhancing the muscles so that it can help the lymphatic system in disposing the waste effectively, it will help in boosting the immune system, it will keep you in good shape and it will also keep your mind fresh, agile, sharp and above all very calm.  All the above mentioned benefits and much more can be achieved by doing yoga regularly and the best thing about yoga is that it doesn’t require any equipment. The only thing required is the will to do and the perseverance to continue this healthy beneficial regime.Pregnancy yoga

Yoga’s origin can be traced to India. In ancient days this form of art was mastered by the saints and the rishis, they hold testimony of yoga’s positive impact on health; these people enjoyed very healthy life devoid of any kind of ailments. They used to practice yoga of various disciplines; in fact one could say they had mastered it. There are various poses, postures and position in yoga, some are very difficult to perform and people take ages to acquire the skill of performing these difficult asanas (exercises are referred by this name). Some of the exercises are very simple and doesn’t require a lot of skill to perform but breathing technique is given utmost importance and it has to be done in an appropriate manner. This breathing is the one which helps in enhancing our circulatory system thus saving us from a whole lot of ailments by improving the immunity system.

Though over the generation it has evolved a lot, different styles have been introduced so as to suit that particular region, but the core belief and value remains the same. You should do the various poses of yoga according to your capacity, each one’s body is different, yoga recognizes this and according to your body type asanas (exercise) are customized for you by your trainer or yoga guru (teacher). The degree of difficulty varies, for example in stretching exercise certain people are able to touch their feet with both their hands by bending forward but certain others are not able to do so. Gradually with regular practice you will be able to achieve it but dedication and sincerity is of paramount importance as far as mastering these exercises are concerned.

Yoga is a low impact exercise and hence it is recommended for expecting mothers. The pregnant ladies will be highly benefitted by these exercises and it will not only help them to cope with their pregnancy and labour pain, but will also help in the post delivery stage too. These exercises do wonders with their emotional and mental state of mind. It brings about calmness and peace; you are able to cope with any amount of stress. A lot can be achieved by this low impact, simple to follow, equipment less, breathing exercises. It will ensure that you truly have a healthy mind in a healthy body.

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What is the Importance of Yoga in Improving our Circulatory System?

To understand the significance of yoga in our circulatory system; let’s first understand the function of this system. Everyone is aware of the importance of the circulatory system and role played by it in our life. It is also known as the cardio vascular system and it comprises of the heart and the blood vessels. Heart pumps the blood which is carried to the different parts of our body by the blood vessels.
The circulatory system comprises of two parts the blood system and the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system ensures that all the waste from the circulatory system is removed.

Yoga and circulatory system

The blood system is helped by the heart which pumps the blood but the lymphatic system doesn’t have any organ which will help in flushing out the waste, the entire onus lies on the muscles which fulfils its task by the contraction and expansion. This is where yoga comes into play.he nutrients and oxygen are also transported to the different organs via the blood. Heart comprises of four chambers, the two auricles and two ventricles. Each of this auricle and ventricle has different roles to perform. The right auricle collects the de-oxygenated blood and pumps it to the right ventricle which sent it to the lungs so that it becomes mixed with oxygen and gets oxygenated; from there it is brought back to the left auricle and pumped into the left ventricle and from there the arteries carry it to different parts of the body. These arteries are thick walled and the main artery is referred to as aorta. The arteries branch into sub arteries which divide into thin walled capillaries. The capillaries are the one which supply the oxy gen and nutrients to all the organs and in turn collect all the toxic waste from these organs and they are carried back to the heart through veins and the entire process is repeated. When the blood is carried by the veins there is a fear of blood flowing back because of less pressure, hence the veins are provided with valves.

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which ensures our overall well being. Itb looks into our mental as well as our physical development. It comprises of breathing exercises accompanied by various postures which not only helps the heart to pump effectively but also it helps in strengthening the muscles. These exercises have been existing from time immemorial and it has stood the test of time. Over the years it has evolved according to the requirement of that particular generation. In yoga there are many postures and position which will enable you to make your muscles stronger so that it can function very efficiently in removing the waste from the blood, thus making sure that your body is healthy. This in turn augments your immune system ensuring that you are able to with stand all the infections raiding your body.

Yoga is a sure short way to healthy living; it improves your circulatory system by ensuring that the heart pumps the blood to all parts of the body efficiently and the muscles expand and contract effectively so as to enable the removal of all waste from the blood. The breathing exercises also ensure that the intake of oxygen is very good and it is transported to all the organs which are able to function very efficiently. That is the main reason why pre-natal yoga is suggested to the pregnant ladies so that they are able to reap all the benefits.

Without doubt one can say yoga plays a very important role in our circulatory system.

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Various Types of Yoga and Their Effects and Benefits

Yoga first came into existence about 4000 years ago and was put into use as a spiritual practice in the Far East. It was used as a way to help individuals come to a realization on their personal divine nature. In this day and age, Yoga is perceived as a workout. This is mostly in the western world. However, it is still founded on three customary techniques used on Eastern Yoga.  These three basic Yoga techniques include the Asanas (Sanskrit for Poses), the Pranayama (Sanskrit for controlled breathing) as well as meditation.  Yoga is beneficial as it aids in muscle strengthening, flexibility, relaxation as well as calming oneself.

Varieties of Yoga

Raja Yoga:  It focuses on attaining unification also referred to as Samadhi. Any individual with the ability to achieve Samahdi through Yoga is referred to as a Raja (King). One of the most famous king of Yoga is Swami Vivekananda.

Bhakthi Yoga:  This type of yoga helps an individual to attain a state of attunement. This is made possible through devotion and faith.  The traditional Bhakthi procedures which include pranayama, yogasnas or mudra are not required in Bhakthi. Instead it focuses on a caring god, whole-hearteddedication to god’s will and the sharing of god’s love to all humanity.

Jivamukti Yoga: This was developed in 1986by Sharon Gannon and David Life. The reason for this is because they came to the conclusion that the practices of old-fashioned western Yoga only pay attention to the physical aspects linked to Eastern Yoga and leaves out the spiritual aspects.

Ananda Yoga:  This discipline is a preparation stage for getting into a meditation state. Correct posture and controlled breathing are quite necessary as one comes to the end of the preparation process before getting into a state of meditation.

Yoga and its effects

Different paths can be taken by a person to attain a Moksha or higher state. This state is attained gradually until they get to a point of full acceptance and their position in the world. In order to get our universal position, the ego which is seen as a hindrance needs to be slowly toned down.

Yoga and its benefits

Yoga offers various benefits. The most common one is increased flexibility. Yoga helps to increase mobility by focusing revitalizing the crucial muscle groups which are usually ignored by other workout programs. Yoga also systematically works on internal glands and other vital organs within the body. A good example of such an organ is the prostate which gets minimal external stimulus.

Toning of the muscles is another benefit linked to yoga. It is also helps to shed out extra looseness from muscles that have degenerated and become limp and frail.  Blood circulation is also significantly enhanced by the Yoga poses. This is quite beneficial to the body as it helps to clear out knots as well as blockages. The previously mentioned benefit, combined with the significant skill of controlled  breathing will lead to an improvedblood flow directed to the various organs and across the body.


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Various Motivations and advantages Of Yoga

Advantages of YogaDifferent people take up Yoga for varying reasons.  Some do it to in order to revitalize their bodies when suffering from different illnesses. Others will do it in order to retain and improve their present health.  Other individuals go for it due to the mental challenge and while others look at it as a physical challenge that needs to be overcome. Some people, especially pregnant women take up yoga as a form of relaxation. It is clear to see that Yoga has something to offer to every individual.

Yoga is known to offer both psychological as well as physical benefits. The latter can clearly be seen in its ability to help in recovery after experiencing a heart attack as it helps in to lower blood pressure and accompanied distressing effects.  Extensive research has been carried out on Yoga and heart patients. This has also been noted by Dr Ornish who a best-sellingwriter. He strongly recommends Yoga for those recuperating from heart attacks and as a way of evadingimpending heart problems.  Yoga is also beneficial for individuals suffering from Multiple Sclerosis as it helps with stability as well as muscle tone.  This is also effective for back and spinal injuries sufferers as it is quite gentle on the muscles but still quite effective as a way to strengthen this section of the body. It also helps to improve on mobility.

Poor mobility and co-ordination that come about as a result of aging can also be reduced considerably by Yoga. This is one reason why it is popular with older people. Another benefit associated with yoga is strength building especially around the arms, legs as well as the trunk. This will help you go about your daily chores in an easier manner.

As previously stated, Yoga is also offers mental benefits. This can clearly be seen in its ability to sharpen the mind. In order to achieve this focus one is required to perform the Yoga routine as is expected. This includes the breathing and the body movements. This breathing will also come in quite handy during childbirth for the pregnant women. In order to experience maximum effect, the breathing has to be deep and much fuller as opposed to short and quick breaths. This will allow you to release the stress and maintain calm. During pregnancy, it makes the mother relate to the child and establishes a bonding.

Unlike other disciplines whereyou either know or don’t what is required of you, Yoga is a constant learning process. Yoga involves different postures with the ability to perform these postures in different variations. This helps to provide the body with constant stimulation and the mind engaged. As earlier stated, Yoga helps to relax the mind and the body and this is achieved through the pauses that allow us to get in touch feeling and reactions. Yoga is a form of workout and at the same time a reflective process, poise as well as character building all placed into one. This is the reason why the group of individuals who take part in these classes are quite different.


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Three Main Advantages of Yoga

Yoga benefitsYoga has been practised in India for about four thousand years. However in this day and age it has become popular all across the world and in a variety of styles and practices. The popularity of Yoga does not only come about as a result of numerous forms of workouts in use but also due to the benefits enjoyed by a large number of individuals who practice Yoga on a regular basis. These benefits can be placed under three varying groups which include physical, mental and spiritual. The level of importance of each benefit usually varies from one individual to another founded on individual notions and motivations. However anyone can enjoy all the three benefits after continued practice of Yoga.

Physical Benefits

Physical benefits are usually experienced first.  Yoga is at it’s core a group of exercises.  Some disciplines will use these exercises to prepare the body for a deeper meditative process, but they will still experience physical benefits from performing them as exercises.  The deep breathing exercise has immediate health benefits due to increasing the intake of oxygen into the system.  This oxygen is transported by the blood to our organs and tissues, which will become sick without sufficient oxygen and nutrients.  Frequently these tissues and organs are starved of nutrients due to a number of reasons including poor air intake or quality, bad circulation or disease within the body.  Yoga increases the oxygen intake, removes blockages in the circulation to ensure it’s safe delivery and also stimulates the lymphatic system to aid in the removal of toxins from our system, leaving our bodies auto immune system more free to deal with invading disease or viruses.

Beyond this internal health which many people take for granted, Yoga will also greatly increase a persons balance, flexibility and muscle strength.

Mental Benefits

Many people see this as the most import benefit that we can gain from Yoga.  It will of course depend on what your priorities are but the mental benefits of Yoga are certainly impressive.  The ability to focus on ones breathing has a natural consequence of allowing extraneous thoughts to melt away and a state of calmness to be introduced.  This is not a feat to be taken lightly as it provides a valuable skill in the ability to remain calm amidst turmoil.  A mother can use this when everything happens at once in the home, a businessperson can use it to focus on a single task despite everyone around him being panicked or a soldier can use it to block out the bullets and noise and focus on an important task.

Yoga also requires a high level of discipline from those practicing it – both the discipline required to perform the exercises themselves and the discipline needed to stick to a regular exercise regime.  Again this is something that comes surprisingly easy to people once they have mastered the basis of the Yoga breathing exercises. These exercises help a lot during the child birth and make the process easy.

Spiritual Benefits

Generally newcomers to yoga will not understand these benefits for some time.  There are a number of benefits that can fall into the ‘spiritual’ category.  Yoga itself is built around a philosophy that includes it’s own set of ethics, but these are seldom taught as part of Western Yoga practise.  Instead the spiritual benefits we talk about tend to be a persona acceptance of yourself and contentment with your place in life.  For some people it goes beyond that but discussing spiritual feelings is always difficult to do so broadly.  Overall the level of spiritual satisfaction you get is likely to depend on your own personal beliefs. The expecting mothers feel relaxation and stay calm.



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Management of Corporate Stress through Yoga

In a professional surrounding, one of the most important aspects is an environment which is totally relaxed. Google has become a leader amongst other companies in the world in terms of its productivity. Every individual working here has an access to various relaxing items which include beds, slides, libraries canteens as well as relaxation equipment. This has actually contributed immensely to it being the world’s most productive places. This is clear to see through the kind of innovative ideas that come out of Google. This goes to show that, it is not necessarily about the length of time one takes but the end results. This has helped to make workers quite happy without having any fear of being judged each time they decide to take a break. Businesses that have become successful know full well that stress cannot produce good results and when reduced achievement will begin to rise proportionally.  Google also has a Yoga center within its and pregnancy

High stressful levels within the corporate world are directly responsible for the counter productiveness when it comes to the dealings within an office. On the other hand, calmer and relaxed individuals tend to remained focused thereby producing better results. In order to achieve this, making use of Yoga will help to relieve stress. Another benefit one can experience from Yoga is a better posture which is gained by practicing steady and controlled breathing each time you carry out a routine.

Through the breathing learning process, a good number of corporates usually found this exercise to be a bit strange. This is because they have never before gone through breathing, sitting and even standing exercises. Maintaining incorrect sitting positions is a problem which is quite serious especially when you have to spend a good time of the day sitted in front of a monitor. With the right kind of posture and breathing, you will allow your body to align itself in the correct manner thereby preventing any problems linked to bad posture.

If an individual is obese or suffering from joint pains, this can be treated as a special case and special Yoga class is created in order to address the needs of every individual. When it comes to problems related to blood pressure and diseases of the kidney, Yoga Kriyas is known to treat this. Through balance enhancing workouts present in Yoga, one is able to deal with immobility and lack of balance. This is important especially for people working in sedentary environments.

Yoga is also has mental benefits. This can be seen in the fact that is has the ability to focus our thoughts to more positive things. In a business environment, hatha is the best form of Yoga in use as it helps in physiological and mental cleansing. Through hatha Yoga, executives will therefore acquire the necessary tools to help them effectively handle stress on a day to day basis.  Yoga has varying techniques with each one being use to address different problems. It is therefore necessary to make use of a professional instructor who will be able to use the most appropriate techniques depending on an individual’s situation. It is therefore clear to see that Yoga plays a big role in creating a good working environment for workers.




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The Importance of Yoga to a Worker in the Office

Yoga and officeOffice workers have never seen Yoga as being something that they can take part in, however they should. In most cases people who work in offices often spend a good amount of their time arched over their computers while seated. This kind of environment usually brings forth a lot of stress and with limited outlets to assist you in getting rid of the stress. Through this article we will be able to look at how bad these things are for your overall health and Yoga’s way of assisting you.

Even at its basic level, Yoga is a workout program that is very effective. It consists of stretching the body through static postures and maintaining them for a set duration of time. This is a good way of improving the circulation and flow of blood through certain areas of the body.

Yoga also maintains a lot of focus on correct breathing patterns which enable your body to experience maximum benefits from every air that you breathe in. As you gradually get better in performing your routine, the more at peace you will become due to your increased focus.

How will this help an office worker?

The environment within the office is usually not calm or healthy.Due to their prolonged unhealthy positions, office workers often end up developing a lot of tension especially around the shoulders and the back. The legs also end up getting affected from being denied a constant supply of new blood as a direct result of their prolonged sitting positions.

Yoga makes it possible for the body to change positions. This is something that rarely occurs especially within an office setting. This is a good way of opening up choked points and allowing of regular blood flow. A good circulation of blood is very important for the body as it brings in oxygen as well as nutrients in order to allow the organs within the body to perform effectively. Starving these organs of fresh blood will lead to sick bodies.

Are you aware that a large number of diseases are brought about by stress? That is correct, and it is a problem that a large number of people tend to overlook in regards to its seriousness. Stress in the office for any individual including pregnant women usually comes about due to timely submission of projects amongst other things.

Through Yoga you will be able to come to a standstill and not remember about everything that you are required to do in the following week. Forget everything to do about the payment of rent and your unfinished assignments and just focus one thing. All this achieved through the system breathing and other routines performed while practicing Yoga. Other than the benefits associated with health, you will also get to enjoy mental benefits which will totally help you change your life.Individuals who practice Yoga have a better ability of dealing with stress. It also helps them maintain their calm even during times with turmoil or distress. This will allow you to leave a much richer life.


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