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Bikram Yoga to do or not to do

I have this of a certified yoga Bikram instructor and she was 10 weeks pregnant. Bikram’s yoga series is safe to do during the first trimester IF and only if you have been practicing prior to getting pregnant. It is key knowing your body and not starting something new.

Bikram’s wife, Rajashree, has a pregnancy video that goes thru all the postures that are safe and gives the modifications needed when the student is ready.

Every person is different. Some people attribute Bikram yoga to helping to GET pregnant.

Letting the instructor know you are pregnant is a MUST just like you would with any “condition”. With a regular practice the bodies core tempature barely raises a degree so the baby is not in danger of being over heated. Being in a cooler part of the room is just fine & you can also bring a thermometer into class & take your tempature to be sure. Bikram yoga practice can help to have a healthy pregnancy & delivery.

If you’ve never done yoga before and you’re looking for a take-you-by-the-hand guide that will help treat your problems in a gentle, safe and relaxing way, you’d be making a huge mistake if you accidentally chose an advanced Bikram yoga book (which would most likely leave you even more sore, sweaty and never wanting to do yoga again if this was your first introduction to it).

yoga bikram

The Complete Guide To Upgrading Your Body And Life will help you choose your options CLICK HERE

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