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Is Yoga good for Pregnant Women?

There are a number of reasons due to which a woman might feel the stress in her life and on being questioned most of the women quote pregnancy to be the most stressful period of their lives since it known to cause turbulence in the usual lifestyle which a woman is habituated to follow. Practicing yoga for pregnant women under such circumstances is strongly recommended since not only does it stabilize one’s temperament during this crucial phase but also ensures smooth delivery thus enabling the woman to be a happier mother who is capable of discharging her functions with grace and efficiency.

Pregnancy is usually accompanied with the feeling of incessant fatigue, tiredness and lethargy due to which women have always been recommended to follow a routine which is a combination of pregnancy and exercise. However, it was after a passage of certain period of time that it was discovered that exercise was not as suitable and that yoga and pregnancy was deemed to be a better combination. But after having seen cases of failed pregnancies due to vigorous exercise, the question which persists in the minds of most women is whether yoga for pregnant women is safe as given a choice, no woman would wish to live with the regret of a failed pregnancy.

A normal yoga routine is characterized by stretches and postures which may not be suitable for being performed by pregnant women and this is the reason as to why a special branch of yoga termed as ‘Yoga for pregnant women’ has been devised. This is a deviation from the mainstream yoga in the sense that the postures which need to be performed are modified to suit the changing physique of pregnant women without causing any harm. Therefore, although this form of yoga entails the same asanas and basic postures, it differs in the manner in which the practitioner is supposed to stretch and also the degree to which she should stretch.

Is yoga good for pregnant women? When performed in the presence of an expert it is not only safe but beneficial as well since it gradually determines the position of the baby and prepares the body for the physical exertion faced during the labor pains. Some of the basic postures which are included in this yogic schedule include pregnancy sit-ups, the modified child’s pose and the modified cobra’s pose. While sit-ups involve lying on the back and twisting on either side, the modified child’s pose entails the lady to sit on the floor with knees drawn apart and the modified cobra’s pose entails bending backwards by thrusting the hips forward.

Safety while performing yoga for pregnancy is further ensured by the alertness of the instructor as well as the practitioner both of whom must decide on the appropriateness of a particular posture, remain cautious as regards the stretching of stomach muscles and maintain alertness as to the signals transmitted by the body.

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