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Arthritis and its Holistic Treatment through Yoga

The number of people who go through life with painful aches brought about by brutally damaged swollen joints are many. For a number of people they constantly experience feelings of discomfort but for others the situation is usually more serious as they can end up becoming virtual cripples. Arthritis is considered to be a historical condition which has only been understood in the recent years.

Arthritis and yogaBeing a joint disease, Arthritis is known to cause damage to any section within the body where more than two bones come together. The damage arthritis causes to a bone can happen in a number of ways and can also affect a number of areas including the synovium as well as the cartilage. This is the protective material that covers the joint ends and is usually soft. It helps to protect the joints against rubbing on each other.

Arthritis is a general term used to define more than 100 diseases that affect various parts of the body.Any condition that brings about inflammation across the joints and related discomfort in mobility is usually referred to as arthritis regardless of the varying causes that led to these conditions. Another general term used to refer to this group of diseases is rheumatism.

Due to the fact that arthritis is a widespread condition, this condition is frequently discussed. It has been noted that one American out of seven happens to be suffering from at least one form of arthritis. The main concern of such individuals is how to relieve the pain associated with this condition.  This they do in a number of ways with some through taking medication while others relieve the pain by performing different exercises at a slow pace. A good example of such an exercise is Yoga. Yoga makes use of different workouts which include breathing exercises which are quite beneficial to the mind, body and spirit. Due to its versatile nature, Yoga works to treat various conditions such as headaches, lingering pain and injuries gotten through sports.

One of the most popular misconceptionslinked to using Yoga as a way of relieving pain linked to arthritis pain is the fact that one will be required to bend the different parts of the body in various unusual ways in order to push the body towards accepting the pain and get to a comfort level. This is far from the truth since the fundamental attributes of a Yoga program tailor made for people suffering from arthritis have put special consideration into their level of flexibility as well as comfort. Stretching will also be included as it helps to strengthen the body and bring about harmony between the mind and the body.

A Yoga routine is made up of various poses which are specifically made for certain joints or joint. It has been noted that arthritis usually affects the hands as well as the knuckles and a number of poses used to stretch out and lengthen the fingers will be included in a routine. However it is important to note that the extent at which an individual can accomplish this exercises will depend on their comfort level.


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Are you familiar with Your Yoga? Quiz

Presented here is a quiz to help find out whether the concepts you have on Yoga are accurate.  Yoga is quite broad and it consists of various types as well as styles, therefore the queries together with the explanations provided for every answer are also quite broad.

First Question:  What is the definition of Yoga?

a. A workout Program.

b. A Program on meditation.

c. A Therapeutic Program.

d. Allmentioned above

In case you answered (D) you are correct.  Well done.  Yoga can be explained as any of the above definitions and in some cases as a combination.  When performed at its basic level, it is best explained as a workout program through which an individual attains increased physical strength as well as flexibility. However, this program needs to be followed on a regular basis. A good number of Yoga programs including those performed by pregnant women require speed when changing positions hence the reason why a good number of yoga classes focus on breathing and channeling the energy as well as thoughts to various parts within the body.  Lastly, Yoga is truly a system of healing. It brings about better blood flow through which oxygen and nutrients are carried throughout the body and speeds the healing process. The stretches are also effective for healing injuries around the tissues as long as they are performed to the required depth. Always avoid overdoing it. Due to its pre-emptive healing tactic,   Yoga has become quite popular with many women during pregnancy. Through Yoga, a woman’s body is well prepared for childbirth and also allows the body to recover much faster and get back into shape after giving birth.


Second Question:  Yoga workouts are________?

a. Fast.

b. Slow.

c. Motionless.

d.  All of the above.

Yoga is a static workout-plan therefore (C) is the right answer here.  However (B) can also be an appropriate answer due to the fact that the actions between the workouts are included in the balance.  In order to experience the full benefits of the stretches, one has to maintain each stretch for a specific duration.


Third Question:  Are you expected to perform Yoga In Courses?

A.  Yes.

B.  No.

The response is no (B) – this is not necessary.  Yoga can be a great group activity. You can simply do Yoga right in your bedroom without anyone knowing about it. Yoga can be done anywhere and at any time. This will all depend on you. The good thing is minimal space is required, and with little time to complete an entire routine. Also, if you perform your routine in private, no one will get to know. As opposed to going out for a jog you will not be puffing like a dog or perspiring just like a pig every time you come to the end of a routine. This is one of the reasons why Yoga is quite popular among pregnant women as it is does not cause any strain to the body but gives maximum results.


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3 Common Yoga Mistakes During Pregnancy

In today’s world, staying healthy and fit is something that is given the utmost priority by one and all.  We would want to turn to something that might relieve us from the stress that we go through in our day to day life, and Yoga is the way towards that.  Yoga has been in practice since ages to attain both physical as well as mental health. yogaThough it is beneficial for the people of all ages, but it has special benefits to offer during pregnancy. Yoga practice during pregnancy, not only helps the healthy growth of the mother and the baby, but also prepares the mother for easy child birth. While practising yoga during pregnancy, there are certain things that should be kept in mind to avoid any unwanted situation to occur. Here we are going to discuss the three common mistakes that many pregnant women commit while doing yoga.

First Mistake :  Not knowing the right exercises

There are numerous styles and postures of Yoga which might attract people seeing their final results.  Women during pregnancy think that doing any fitness exercise would help them have a healthy and relaxed pregnancy, but the reality is far away from this. There are some exercises which would help you in your condition, and at the same time there are some exercises which might cause you some harm instead of doing good. Hence, before you jump in, know your condition well and then do the yoga exercises which suit more specifically to it.  You may achieve physical and mental health.  Often people set a goal which is too high for their condition and achieving that is not healthy for their pregnancy. Keep a goal which is achievable, without having to strain your body too much.

Second Mistake:  Joining a class in a hurry

The decision that you will be taking a step towards a healthy pregnancy by joining the yoga classes, should not be taken in a hurry. This is one mistake that most women commit, without considering the kind of batches they will be joining, the timings and the other facilities in the yoga center. As a result, many of them discontinue after a few weeks.  This is why; you must select a class that suits your condition and requirements.  The ideal solution would be to join the beginner level class, with lesser people, so that the yoga trainer can attend to you conveniently.

Third Mistake:  Practising under a wrong Guru

Teaching the Yoga techniques is not as simple as it may seem. The teacher has to be an expert and preferable have worked as an aid with a professional Guru.   We often do not check the qualification of the trainer and just get enrolled and start practicing under him. Nowadays, anyone who has learnt a few yoga techniques starts claiming himself to be an expert.  Doing the Yoga exercises under such armature and inexperienced teacher might not get you the desired results that you had aimed for.  So, always find out about the background of your trainer, before you join under him.

Keeping the above discussed points in mind and working according to your requirements and condition would make your pregnancy and the child birth a happy experience.

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All you need to know about Pre-Natal yoga

Prenatal yoga

When you conceive, the elders around you are more than willing to give you advice, share their experiences with you so as to enlighten you and give you all the knowledge pertaining to pregnancy. Especially when you are pregnant for the first time you are so naive and ignorant you tend to listen very intently to all the information handed to you by the more than willing people who care for you. But it is for you to decide what advice to consider and what not to. You should not get perturbed by all the suggestion that is given by these more than enthusiastic people. One of the suggestions that you should always follow is the Pre natal yoga which according to the doctors is mandatory to be followed by the going to be mother. Though most of the pregnant women are very apprehensive about doing exercises because they think that it might do some harm to the child, more over they are a little anxious of the body changes occurring in their body with each passing day. So in this particular article we will discuss about the most frequently asked questions pertaining to Pre Natal Yoga.

Question one: What is the need to do yoga during pregnancy?

Yoga ensures you’re over all development spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally and it will enable you to cope with the labour, delivery and the post delivery phase in a more positive manner. Yoga soothes your senses and helps you to be calm even in very stressful situation.

Question two: Hope it is safe doing yoga during the period of pregnancy?

During pregnancy it is safe to do yoga in fact it is very beneficial provided you do it under a trained pre natal yoga trainer. They have designed exercises which are meant for the expecting mothers. It is better to commence with these exercises after the first trimester because that is the period when the foetus grows and develops, after the first trimester the baby grows in size only so it is imperative for the mother to do certain specific exercises so as she is able to sail through her pregnancy with ease. But before the onset of these yoga exercises it is better to consult with your yoga instructor because in case you have certain peculiarity in your pregnancy, for instance if you are carrying twins, then they will formulate such kind of exercises which will suit your condition.

Question Three: Will I be benefitted by yoga physically?

If you do yoga then your blood circulation will improve and all the nutrients and oxygen will be transported through your body effectively ensuring that the baby is benefitted. This will enable you to have a smooth delivery by strengthening your pelvic muscles. Your labour time will also be shortened to a considerable amount and you’re vaginal passage will also recover very quickly. Another great advantage by this increased blood circulation is that it will avoid or help in removal of stretch marks.

Question Four: Should I continue with the yoga exercises after delivery?

There is absolutely no doubt about the benefits attached to yoga. After delivery it might not be possible to resume immediately since a new born child can be very demanding. After the child has become a couple of months old you can always commence with the regular yoga which is very different from the pre natal yoga. You can do yoga in the comfort of your home because it doesn’t require any equipment and reap all the benefits.

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A Glimpse Into Bikram Yoga

To most people, yoga is not an unfamiliar word. We have an idea of yoga and the benefits it offers. But, till the time one tries it out himself, he might not know what exactly he achieves besides the visible results. Yoga has the power to change your attitude towards life by providing you the physical and the mental strength.

There are many styles and methods of yoga, and one of them is Bikram yoga which has become quite popular in the past recent years. This variation of yoga is also referred to as ‘hot yoga’ as this is performed in hot rooms to maximize the benefits of the exercises. Bikram yoga also aims at strengthening you from within and outside both. It aims at developing body flexibility and balance, which are the two major components of this form of yoga. Bikram yoga has its roots in Hatha yoga, which has got healing power to strengthen you physically and mentally both.Bikram yoga

Bikram yoga was introduced by a yoga practitioner named Bikram Choudhary. He was a weight lifter who met with an accident during practice session. He determined himself to recover from the injury, and started practicing certain exercises. In the bargain, a new form of yoga, called Bikram yoga was discovered, which has tremendous healing power.  There are many people who follow this form of yoga regularly, and there are people also who perform Bikram yoga for healing purpose due to its holistic approach.

The main aim to success with this form of yoga is to attain the inner or the mental strength which is required in performing it.  Once you have mastered this part of it, the physical strength will develop automatically.

The benefits of Bikram yoga have been proven by many practitioners and even scientists all over the world. The medical benefits are sure to come, as this has power to cure chronic ailments and enhance the recovery procedure. During the 1972 International Medical Conference, the records and findings were presented and the healing ability of Bikram yoga for internal tissue injuries was proven and accepted.

It consists of 26 exercises and following a given regime. All the exercises and postures are focused on the movements of the body organs, muscles, glands and nerves. The recommended exercises are supposed to be performed one after the other in a sequence, as they are related to each other.

For those, wanting to gain mental and physical energy, Bikram yoga, performed in a hot room, is a great option. The energy you gain through this will make you look and also feel much younger than your age. This is because it generates energy in your body and improves blood circulation. Since these exercises are done in a hot room, you sweat more and the body toxins are eliminated at the maximum. This works as a detoxification method. The result of this is a clearer and glowing skin, a fit body and a relaxed mind.

Since Bikram yoga exercises are strenuous, it is good to consult your doctor before starting if you have some health problems. These exercises are also not recommended for pregnant women.

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4 Tips For Finding The Right Yoga Class For You

When you start a new thing, you are usually uncertain as to what would it be and how it is going to help you. Yoga is no different, as people are uncertain in the beginning, but as they move ahead, all their doubts and apprehensions get cleared. But, yoga is not something that anyone and everyone can teach you. You should know the right place for that, especially when you are pregnant. Many pregnant women are uncertain as what to expect from a yoga class and how they are going to be benefited. In this article, we will put light on the tips for finding the most suitable yoga class for you.Yoga classes

Tip No 1:  Formulate your goal before choosing a class

There may be different reasons for everyone for joining a yoga class. You should know your aim well before you jump in a class.  Being a pregnant mother, you should be looking at your overall health; physical, mental and spiritual. All these three goals can be achieved through yoga.

Once you have decided your goal, discuss them with your yoga Guru, and he/she would be able to guide you as how to go about to achieve it. The Guru would also be able to tell you if your goal is realistic or not, or if it suits your condition or not.

Tip No 2:  Check the class program before joining

In most of the places, the yoga classes are drop in types. This means that you may join in a class at any time and continue with the rest of the class. In this situation, the teacher will keep the exercises at a level that generally suits everyone. These classes are aimed at giving the exposure of yoga to majority of people.  You should try to look for a class which caters for your specific requirements as a pregnant mother. In such classes, you will realize that you are heading closer towards your goal from week to week.

Tip No 3:  Ensure that the teacher is an expert yoga Guru

There should be no hesitation in finding out about the background and the qualification of the yoga teacher, before you enroll yourself in any class. This is because, there are many such teachers, who have barely learnt yoga and do not have enough knowledge of it. They just call themselves Gurus to make an earning by teaching half learnt techniques. Such teachers may put you in danger, by making you do exercises which are not suitable for your pregnancy or for your health condition.

Tip No 4:  Check out the actual cost for the class

To avoid any disappointment later, it is better to find out the complete fee and the other expenses before joining a class. This is because sometimes there may be hidden charges besides the fee, or other compulsory expenses like buying a particular dress for the class, or your own mat etc.

Whichever class you join, the program should be suitable for your condition. You can do an internet research to find such classes which will give you the best result to make your pre and post delivery experience a memorable one.



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