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Making use of Yoga to Lose Weight

In this day and age, being overweight is rapidly becoming the rule and not the exception. Modern lifestyle has become quite inactive with the kinds of diets that people are consuming consists of processed and highly fatty foods that contain excessive calories, flavours as well asstabilizers.  Children no longer maintain active lifestyles by involving themselves in various activities and instead spend a good amount of time watching television.

Loose weight with yogaAs a discipline, Yoga is intended to strengthen the body, make it more flexible and at the same time improve on the general health of the digestive, hormonal as well as circulatory systems.  Yoga also helps to significantly reduce mental stress, maintain peace and a clear mind. Yoga is also beneficial spiritually as it will enable you become at peace and comfortable with yourself. This will help you become emotionally stable.The mental aspect is usually left out when it comes to weight loss. However, it is quite important and should therefore never be disregarded.  The most common problem for individuals who go through yo-yo dieting is the craving for comfort foods.

As a practice Yoga involves profound and precise breathing. This technique allows for improved oxygen intake. This enables the oxygen to effectively move through the fat cells within the body and help allows oxygen to travel to the fat cells in our body and assist in the entire process. With all these benefits, it is difficult to understand why some people do not perform Yoga. These breathing exercises help the pregnant women for a healthy growth of their baby.

A large number of people tend to believe that Yoga is a passive discipline and is therefore reserved for hippies and not necessarily for them. This is totally far from the truth since Yoga helps to improve the Physical part of the body and psychological health.

Yoga puts into consideration the different factors that contribute to being overweight. Being overweight not only has to do with the physical but also has a lot to do with spiritual reasons. Practicing Yoga on a regular basis will help to relax the body and help to reduce a person’s weight to an ideal range and still good levels of strength, mobility as well as stamina. This practice is effective with people of all ages.

In the year 1969, Kundalini which is a form of active Yoga was first practiced to America and was introduced by Yogi Bhajan. This is a more dynamic type of Yoga and it combines various breathing techniques, meditation as well as movements in order to cover up the fact that a large number of the people living in American are accustomed to view workouts as something that requires sweating.

Yoga can also be used to reduce the urge of snacking in between meals. This is made possible through the use of techniques that help to cut down on the impulses that lead us to crave for snacks in between meals. It is therefore important to note that Yoga is more than a technique used to lose weight but also works to restore the natural balance within our bodies

Yoga is not just a method of losing weight, it is actually a method which restores a natural balance to our body and draws us to our natural disposition.  These exercises are especially beneficial for women in losing weight post delivery.


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Is Yoga Helpful During Pregnancy?

Stress and yoga are two words which have some relationship, which is, yoga and meditation exercises are inversely proportional to stress. When you are pregnant, there is all the more reason to take care of your stress level, as this may affect your baby too.  This is a proven fact that yoga reduces stress and relieves the mind and body both. Once you start taking yoga classes, you will notice the difference within yourself. Those, who are quite fidgety and impatient, become calm and relaxed. This makes your pregnancy smooth and you enjoy each day of it. There are many reason which advocate yoga practice during pregnancy, some of which are explained below-

  • For pregnant women, most of the yoga exercises are based on breathing techniques. Just doing the simple action of deep breathing, will give you a feel of lightness, energizing your complete body and soul as well.  This will fill you with lot of positivity and will keep the negative thoughts and stress away. This, in turn helps in healthy growth of your baby and a problem free pregnancy and delivery.
  • The calm and the focused mind that you attain with yoga will not entertain any temptation or distraction which may be harmful for your condition.
  • The deep breathing exercises increase the oxygen supply in your body that works as a life force to you and your child.
  •  The technique of yoga nidra is especially helpful for pregnant mothers, as it not only provides physical as well as mental relaxation, but also prepares the mother for child birth.
  • Meditation, which is an essential part of yoga, is an effective tool to fight against any kind of fear, doubts and conflicts, which may arise during pregnancy. When you meditate, you get connected to your baby and feel light and nice.
  • The various yoga exercises and mudras work well to strengthen your reproductive system and organs, ensuring a smooth pregnancy and a safe and easy delivery.
  • Pranayam would help the mother stay relaxed during labor. She can regulate her breathing during labor pains.

As you might be knowing that complete pregnancy is divided into 3 trimesters of 3 months each.  As you move ahead from one trimester to the next one, your exercises may vary which are suitable to your condition and for a healthy growth of your baby. It would be better to know the Dos and Don’ts for pregnant mother, before you start doing the yoga exercises.Yoga for pregnant women helpful

Women today want to stay in good shape even during her pregnancy. Prenatal yoga helps you attain this, along with helping your baby to grow healthily.  No matter if you have recently started doing yoga or you are an experienced yogi, you are sure to get the positive effects of yoga in your pregnancy.  The best way in this regard is to join yoga classes, run by a qualified yoga Guru. This way, you will exercise under expert guidance and at the same time share your pregnancy experience with other pregnant mothers.



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How to get the Maximum Benefit from Yoga

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercises which have undergone a lot of evolution and modification from the time of its origin. It is been prevalent from time immemorial and the great saints and rishis during the ancient times use to follow all the disciplines of yoga with a lot of fervour and enthusiasm. It is very good for your over all development, your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well being is taken care of. You evolve as a better and stronger human being. There are many various styles, techniques and method of doing these exercises. Different exercises have different effect on your body, in case you are having a particular health problem then you should consult your trainer or teacher and he will guide you as to which exercises will be most beneficial to you.pregnancy yoga

In yoga a lot of emphasis is laid on your breathing technique. In fact you can keep a lot of illness at bay if you follow the technique correctly. There have been many cases where people have recovered from terminal illness by doing these exercises regularly and sincerely. Most of the yoga poses are either done in sitting or lying position. But when you begin with your yoga exercises you start with a standing position. Standing posture in one of the most important position because this posture comes naturally to us. So while in this position you can focus all your attention on your breathing, hence reap the maximum benefit. It will do wonders to the balance and over all wellbeing of your body. This has been highlighted in one of the famous paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci in which he has depicted the symmetry of the human body while in a standing position.

Yoga exercises involves a lot of stretching, when you do the stretch exercises you should coordinate it properly with your breathing and these stretches should be done slowly and not at a very fast pace which can cause injury. It takes ample time to master all the postures and stretches, so don’t get disheartened in case you are unable to do the exercises as well as the others. Certain people have very low body flexibility; these yoga exercises will enable you to improve the flexibility level to a very large extent.

You must have observed that the sportsmen before they start their exercise regime they always do stretching exercise as part of their warm up session. Actually these exercises have all originated from yoga, so we can consider yoga as the pioneer in the field of exercises. Everybody’s body has a threshold level beyond which you cannot stretch it, so before commencing with theses highly beneficial exercise regime identify your capacity and accordingly start with your yoga regime and gradually you can increase the difficulty level of the exercises.

Yoga is very advantageous to your mental peace. It not only improves your physical strength but it also does wonders to your mind. You achieve a lot of tranquillity and happiness, your resilience and endurance level is enhanced beyond imagination.

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Beginners Guide to learning yoga

‘Health is Wealth’ is a saying which is so very apt in today’s world with the amount of ailments and illness that people are falling prey to. With pollution, adulterated food, hectic lifestyle and unhealthy competition people are not enjoying the kind of healthy life their predecessors had. This is where yoga will come to your aide, by doing this low impact exercise you can be benefited to a very large extent and you will be able to lead a much healthier life. It helps in your mental, physical and spiritual development.Yoga guide By spiritual we are not referring to any religion, it means that you are able to keep your calm even when the under dire circumstances. It enables you to attain a lot of peace, happiness and contentment. These are the things lacking in today’s technologically driven world. You must be aware or rather heard about yoga; normally the first thing that comes to your mind is of some saint or elderly person performing various difficult postures and positions. That is just a part of it but yoga has evolved over the years and with people realising the advantage of this incredible exercise more and more people are turning towards it, hence a lot of variation has been introduced so that as per the person’s capability he or she can perform it. Here are few guidelines which will apprise you on how to go about learning this art form.

Step 1: Introduction to yoga

First you begin your warm up session in the standing position. According to the great yogis standing posture is the most natural pose of a human being and since yoga is largely dependent on the correct breathing procedure, so when you are standing you are able to concentrate more on your breathing and this naturally ensures that you body relaxes and you feel at peace. Your teacher gives paramount importance to your breathing techniques.

Step 2: Exercises or Asanas

Yoga involves a lot of stretching in various postures all the while coordinating with your breathing.  More ever it depends on the kind of session you are planning to do because there are various forms of yoga but the core belief of all the forms will be the same, only the style might undergo a slight change. Mainly these asanas or exercises aim at strengthening your muscles and enhancing your circulatory system. If these two are strengthened then the body will be free of all the ailments rendering you a very happy life. The manner in which the stretches are done actually targets each particular part of your body enabling you to strengthen your bones, muscles and your immune system.

Step 3: End of session

The last phase is involved with the cooling part. After you have performed the exercises you will feel a whole lot energetic because your blood has been flowing effectively carrying the oxygen and nutrients to each and every cell of your body. After doing yoga you feel very happy and energetic.

Yoga ensures that you are able to lead a meaningful life. So go ahead and do this amazing exercise and find tranquillity and serenity in your life.

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Common Queries Regarding Yoga

Yoga has been in practice since times immortal. It has its roots in Indian culture. With the passage of time, various styles and forms of yoga have come up, as per practitioners and changing requirements.  Each style has its own techniques and methods. These variations in techniques often put the beginners in confusion, as to which style to choose and which one not to choose. The to be mothers are quite apprehensive if this is going to help them in their pregnancy or no. No matter what style and form of yoga you are doing, the main aim of all of these is to attain a healthy body, mind and soul.

What is Yoga?

This is the first question that arises in any newcomer’s mind. Many of them have a slight idea, but they have their apprehensions, whether yoga will give them any benefit in the present day scenario or not. They are not sure whether yoga is an exercise or a therapy or something else. Yoga is a combination of all of these. It makes your body exercise and your mind and soul to feel calm and relaxed.

Yoga includes various poses and asanas, which will make a certain area to stretch, which get benefitted by an increased blood flow there which results into energy release in that area. This, further strengthens the body. Yoga is not like other modern exercises done with a fast pace. It is performed slowly with breath control technique that makes your mind also to exercise. This way your mind and body are connected well, and get a fresh energy flow.

Does One Has To Be Religious To Perform Yoga?

World is made up of people of different mind sets. Different people have different approach to things. The same is applicable for yoga too. There are some people who take yoga for spiritual purpose, whereas there are some who would look at it only for physical benefits. No matter what your approach towards yoga is, you will definitely get the benefit that you are aiming at. Those who do yoga for physical benefits, also feel an enhancement in their self confidence and energy, even when they did not have this aim in their mind. The pregnant women feel relief from anxiety and fear, and enjoy good health. Not only this, certain exercises help them during child birth.

How And Where Should I Do Yoga?

There are no specifications regarding the place where yoga can be perform. You can practically do it anywhere you like. If you have taken enough training, you can practice it at home, or you can also join yoga classes if that suits you better.  The best part about yoga is that it allows you to do it at your ease.

I’m Pregnant – Is Yoga For Me?

Yes.  Surely, yoga has a lot of benefits to offer to you in this condition. You will feel a sense of positive energy within you and a relationship between you and the child inside will also develop. You will not only feel physically fit, but mentally relaxed too. Certain positions will help you during delivery time too.



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Various Poses and Asanas of Yoga

Yoga has come a long way since its origin. Over the years, many variations and styles of it have been formed to suit various situations and requirements. However, the main aim of all these styles and forms is to provide complete health benefit, which includes body, mind and soul. There are hundreds of Asanas and poses that yoga includes.  Each one has its own significance and benefit. Yoga can be performed by the people of all ages; it is especially beneficial to those suffering from chronic ailments and the pregnant mothers.

Various yoga asanas or positions are aimed at activating the chakras in our body. There are seven chakras in our body which are the centers of energy flow in the body. Each position has a chakra at its aim. By activating these chakras, the body gets energized. Originally, this practice was performed by the yogis to reach the state of meditation.

The various poses or asanas may seem a little difficult to a beginner, but, as you practice them regularly, your body strength and flexibility gets improved and you feel comfortable doing them. It is important to remember the basic positions of yoga while you perform the Asanas. For the various asana positions, deep stretching is at the core of it which is very helpful in curing various ailments like trauma disorders, tendonitis, tennis elbow and so on.  There are certain stretch exercises for pregnant mothers which are quite helpful during pregnancy and also make the child birth a lot buddha

There are some misconceptions regarding yoga that to perform it, one has to be absolutely flexible, chanting is a part of it, yoga is a very slow process, and so on. All of these are just myths and have no truth involved in them. The fact is that the yoga positions are very simple and easy to do. Yes, there are certain positions which everyone cannot do in the beginning, but after some practice these can be performed. Moreover, you are not bound to perform the positions that you are not comfortable in. Similarly, there are some asanas and positions which one should not perform in case of being pregnant or having back injury. In such cases, you should inform your yoga Guru before you start, and he would suggest you the asanas that would be good for your condition.

Yoga positions are to give you comfort and not to torture your body. So, just keep any position till the time your body allows it and is comfortable in it. Release a position very gently, without any jerk, or you may harm your muscles. Switch from one position to another very gently. This technique comes with regular practice.

With the right practice, there is a myriad of benefits that one can get through yoga. Muscle development, detoxification, and blood circulation improvement are to name a few. The women who are pregnant, feel a sense of calmness and relaxation, that makes their pregnancy comfortable and also benefits the fetus growth.  Certain positions help in relaxing the genital muscles, thus making the delivery easier.


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Common Misconceptions Of Yoga

just yogaYoga is an exercise form that creates a balance between the body and mind. Yoga has many different styles and forms, offering different experience and goals. Many people, who have followed only one type of yoga, base their impression of yoga on their limited experience. But, the fact is that yoga has a variety of styles, which also depend upon the perception of it by the person who is teaching you. Here we will discuss a few misconceptions that people have regarding yoga. Yoga during pregnancy can have various benefits that no other method can offer.

1.  Yoga is just like any other exercise

In a way this is true, but not completely. Yoga is a form of exercise, but not only of your body muscles. It tones up your complete body from within and outside, including your mind, body and soul. As you move ahead with yoga, you become stronger and disciplined mentally and physically both. It teaches you to be disciplined and organized in all fields of life by making you be disciplined in performing the yoga postures in a set manner for the given period of time on a regular basis. Meditation, which is an important part of yoga, makes you relate to yourself, be calm and think positive. This connects a pregnant mom with her baby and both get benefitted. This practice takes you to a different spiritual level.  Hence, this is not only a physical exercise, but mental and spiritual too.

2.  Yoga is meant for Hippies

As we have discussed recently that yoga also gives you a spiritual experience, hence some people relate it with getting certain spiritual beliefs. This is not true, because yoga and meditation practice helps clearing your thoughts and enabling you to experience the clarity of your thoughts and beliefs. Yoga relates your body, mind and soul by creating an inner balance. Some people take it as a spiritual experience while others may take it for achieving calmness of mind, which is good for everyone.

3.  Yoga is a hyped concept

Today, often we come across various new forms of exercise and regimes which claim to give results in a short duration or curing the incurable things.  Hence, people consider yoga also as one of these fads, due to its growing popularity and health benefit claims. But before we create any impression about yoga, we must consider that this is not a recently discovered thing like others. Yoga has been in practice since ages. The various newly invented styles of it might come and go, but the very basic and original form of it will remain there benefitting one and all. While the pregnant women cannot perform various exercises, yoga is one exercise which one can continue even during pregnancy and enjoy the pre and post natal experience with it.

4.  Yoga has a slow pace

Today, we want everything with a wink, including weight loss. The weight loss industries take advantage of your impatience and promise you to make you thinner in a matter of a few days by making you do rigorous exercises and starve. Yoga, on the other hand, offers you the same results, but in a different manner. It aims at exercising and toning your muscle and muscle groups, and at the same time makes you mentally strong and balanced that you eat intelligently. Your metabolism rate is increased; hence your calorie consumption increases, resulting into weight loss. This is the best way to remain healthy and fit during pregnancy and to get back into shape after delivery.

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Arthritis and its Holistic Treatment through Yoga

The number of people who go through life with painful aches brought about by brutally damaged swollen joints are many. For a number of people they constantly experience feelings of discomfort but for others the situation is usually more serious as they can end up becoming virtual cripples. Arthritis is considered to be a historical condition which has only been understood in the recent years.

Arthritis and yogaBeing a joint disease, Arthritis is known to cause damage to any section within the body where more than two bones come together. The damage arthritis causes to a bone can happen in a number of ways and can also affect a number of areas including the synovium as well as the cartilage. This is the protective material that covers the joint ends and is usually soft. It helps to protect the joints against rubbing on each other.

Arthritis is a general term used to define more than 100 diseases that affect various parts of the body.Any condition that brings about inflammation across the joints and related discomfort in mobility is usually referred to as arthritis regardless of the varying causes that led to these conditions. Another general term used to refer to this group of diseases is rheumatism.

Due to the fact that arthritis is a widespread condition, this condition is frequently discussed. It has been noted that one American out of seven happens to be suffering from at least one form of arthritis. The main concern of such individuals is how to relieve the pain associated with this condition.  This they do in a number of ways with some through taking medication while others relieve the pain by performing different exercises at a slow pace. A good example of such an exercise is Yoga. Yoga makes use of different workouts which include breathing exercises which are quite beneficial to the mind, body and spirit. Due to its versatile nature, Yoga works to treat various conditions such as headaches, lingering pain and injuries gotten through sports.

One of the most popular misconceptionslinked to using Yoga as a way of relieving pain linked to arthritis pain is the fact that one will be required to bend the different parts of the body in various unusual ways in order to push the body towards accepting the pain and get to a comfort level. This is far from the truth since the fundamental attributes of a Yoga program tailor made for people suffering from arthritis have put special consideration into their level of flexibility as well as comfort. Stretching will also be included as it helps to strengthen the body and bring about harmony between the mind and the body.

A Yoga routine is made up of various poses which are specifically made for certain joints or joint. It has been noted that arthritis usually affects the hands as well as the knuckles and a number of poses used to stretch out and lengthen the fingers will be included in a routine. However it is important to note that the extent at which an individual can accomplish this exercises will depend on their comfort level.


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Are you familiar with Your Yoga? Quiz

Presented here is a quiz to help find out whether the concepts you have on Yoga are accurate.  Yoga is quite broad and it consists of various types as well as styles, therefore the queries together with the explanations provided for every answer are also quite broad.

First Question:  What is the definition of Yoga?

a. A workout Program.

b. A Program on meditation.

c. A Therapeutic Program.

d. Allmentioned above

In case you answered (D) you are correct.  Well done.  Yoga can be explained as any of the above definitions and in some cases as a combination.  When performed at its basic level, it is best explained as a workout program through which an individual attains increased physical strength as well as flexibility. However, this program needs to be followed on a regular basis. A good number of Yoga programs including those performed by pregnant women require speed when changing positions hence the reason why a good number of yoga classes focus on breathing and channeling the energy as well as thoughts to various parts within the body.  Lastly, Yoga is truly a system of healing. It brings about better blood flow through which oxygen and nutrients are carried throughout the body and speeds the healing process. The stretches are also effective for healing injuries around the tissues as long as they are performed to the required depth. Always avoid overdoing it. Due to its pre-emptive healing tactic,   Yoga has become quite popular with many women during pregnancy. Through Yoga, a woman’s body is well prepared for childbirth and also allows the body to recover much faster and get back into shape after giving birth.


Second Question:  Yoga workouts are________?

a. Fast.

b. Slow.

c. Motionless.

d.  All of the above.

Yoga is a static workout-plan therefore (C) is the right answer here.  However (B) can also be an appropriate answer due to the fact that the actions between the workouts are included in the balance.  In order to experience the full benefits of the stretches, one has to maintain each stretch for a specific duration.


Third Question:  Are you expected to perform Yoga In Courses?

A.  Yes.

B.  No.

The response is no (B) – this is not necessary.  Yoga can be a great group activity. You can simply do Yoga right in your bedroom without anyone knowing about it. Yoga can be done anywhere and at any time. This will all depend on you. The good thing is minimal space is required, and with little time to complete an entire routine. Also, if you perform your routine in private, no one will get to know. As opposed to going out for a jog you will not be puffing like a dog or perspiring just like a pig every time you come to the end of a routine. This is one of the reasons why Yoga is quite popular among pregnant women as it is does not cause any strain to the body but gives maximum results.


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3 Common Yoga Mistakes During Pregnancy

In today’s world, staying healthy and fit is something that is given the utmost priority by one and all.  We would want to turn to something that might relieve us from the stress that we go through in our day to day life, and Yoga is the way towards that.  Yoga has been in practice since ages to attain both physical as well as mental health. yogaThough it is beneficial for the people of all ages, but it has special benefits to offer during pregnancy. Yoga practice during pregnancy, not only helps the healthy growth of the mother and the baby, but also prepares the mother for easy child birth. While practising yoga during pregnancy, there are certain things that should be kept in mind to avoid any unwanted situation to occur. Here we are going to discuss the three common mistakes that many pregnant women commit while doing yoga.

First Mistake :  Not knowing the right exercises

There are numerous styles and postures of Yoga which might attract people seeing their final results.  Women during pregnancy think that doing any fitness exercise would help them have a healthy and relaxed pregnancy, but the reality is far away from this. There are some exercises which would help you in your condition, and at the same time there are some exercises which might cause you some harm instead of doing good. Hence, before you jump in, know your condition well and then do the yoga exercises which suit more specifically to it.  You may achieve physical and mental health.  Often people set a goal which is too high for their condition and achieving that is not healthy for their pregnancy. Keep a goal which is achievable, without having to strain your body too much.

Second Mistake:  Joining a class in a hurry

The decision that you will be taking a step towards a healthy pregnancy by joining the yoga classes, should not be taken in a hurry. This is one mistake that most women commit, without considering the kind of batches they will be joining, the timings and the other facilities in the yoga center. As a result, many of them discontinue after a few weeks.  This is why; you must select a class that suits your condition and requirements.  The ideal solution would be to join the beginner level class, with lesser people, so that the yoga trainer can attend to you conveniently.

Third Mistake:  Practising under a wrong Guru

Teaching the Yoga techniques is not as simple as it may seem. The teacher has to be an expert and preferable have worked as an aid with a professional Guru.   We often do not check the qualification of the trainer and just get enrolled and start practicing under him. Nowadays, anyone who has learnt a few yoga techniques starts claiming himself to be an expert.  Doing the Yoga exercises under such armature and inexperienced teacher might not get you the desired results that you had aimed for.  So, always find out about the background of your trainer, before you join under him.

Keeping the above discussed points in mind and working according to your requirements and condition would make your pregnancy and the child birth a happy experience.

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