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What other people have to say on Yoga for pregnant


I found some more information on yoga for pregnant women on other sites.
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  • Pregnancy Yoga For Would-Be-Mothers | – A lot of mothers who’ve done it say that Pregnancy Yoga boosts the mind and body. They claim it has helped to keep their pregnancy hassle-free; so what can Pregnancy Yoga do for you? Pregnancy Yoga helps keep the would-be-mom in shape during and post-pregnancy. Yoga is an ancient Indian form of exercise that takes a holistic approach to life.

  • Yoga for Pregnant Women : Live Fitness Now – Yoga for Pregnant Women. 0 · yoga booty ballet for pregnant women For women who are pregnant, working out should be taken seriously. Most women do not know what they can and cannot do. In the video below, experts Gillian Clark and Teigh …

  • Pregnancy Yoga For Would-Be-Mothers – Yoga for pregnant women can help would be mother get through their pregnancy with the least amount of discomfort. Pregnancy Yoga even helps in childbirth and in the post-delivery stages. Pregnancy Yoga’s stretching exercises help …

  • Yoga Poses for Menstruating, Menopausal, or Pregnant Women … – Learn how to do the squat prenatal yoga position for pregnant women in this free how-to video about yoga for pregnant women.Duration : 0:1:15[youtube.

  • Benefits of Prenatal Yoga : – When you are pregnant everyone has an opinion and an important skill to learn early on in the pregnancy is to be able to listen to these opinions, comment politely and then make up your own mind. There are as many different ways of having and raising children as there are children, and once your child is born you need to do what works for you and your family, not what worked for someone else. This doesn’t mean you should ignore advice that is given to you.

  • Yoga For Pregnant Women – What Are The Benefits? – Fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, tenderness, swelling, cravings, constipation, cramps, headaches. Pregnancy can really get you down. However, many women are turning to yoga for the duration of their pregnancies to alleviate many of …

  • » Are There Advantages In Yoga For Pregnant Women – There are many reasons to take a yoga class, but the main one for most Americans is to find relaxation and improve health not just muscular, but cardiovascular and mental health as well. Yoga for pregnant women can make all the difference in the mother’s mindset. When combating fatigue, weight gain, tenderness, swelling, mood swings, cravings, constipation, leg cramps and headaches, yoga practice can be the only respite.

  • CURRENCY » Blog Archive » Yoga For Pregnant Women by Amie Porter – Pregnancy is a physical as well as mental experience. Women
    often becomes hyper aware of all the changes their bodies are
    going through. Yoga allows pregnant women to adapt to these
    changes more gracefully and to feel proud and a sense of
    appreciation for their bodies.

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Is Yoga for Pregnant women Safe?

Certainly, yoga is a very beneficial exercise program for pregnant women.  A good yoga routine can help you breathe and relax, and this in turn aids in the physical, mental and emotional demands of pregnancy, labor, birth and motherhood.  Yoga can calm both the mind and body, which provides physical and emotional relief from stress and anxiety.  Taking a prenatal yoga class is also a great way to meet other expectant mothers, which can build a strong support group for you.

Yoga is a gentle art that originated in India.  By its very nature, it is extremely adaptable.  That is why it makes such a great prenatal workout option.  Because a woman’s body is continually changing, exercises during pregnancy must be carefully monitored and adapted.  A prenatal yoga class will gear instruction to meet these needs.  If you choose to attend a regular yoga workout, be sure to inform your instructor that you are pregnant, and which trimester you are in, and then follow their guidance.

It is always best to check with your doctor before starting any kind of exercise program.  Pregnancy and exercise can coexist quite nicely, but you need to remember there are simply some things that are not safe for pregnant women.  If you are practicing yoga, you will want to stay away from the asanas that have you lying on your back, after your first trimester.  They can reduce the amount of blood flowing to the uterus.  You will also want to stay away from poses that might stretch your muscles too much,especially your abdominal muscles. During pregnancy, the hormone relaxin is more prevalent.  It allows the uterus to expand, and softens connective tissue.  This means, if stretching is too strenuous, you are at greater risk for strains, pulls and other injuries.  Back bends, headstands, handstands, the Camel and Upward Bow, are all poses you want to avoid during your pregnancy.

From your second trimester on, your center of gravity will begin shifting.  So if you do standing poses opt to use props, such as a chair or the wall.  Also, stay away from Bikram, or ‘hot’ yoga.  Research has shown that workingout in an overheated room can endanger a growing fetus.  Generally, caution needs to be taken with all exercises during pregnancy, but a competent yoga instructor will know how to help you do that.  One of the main rules of thumb you will want to follow is simply to listen to your own body.  If you feel discomfort, you need to stop.  You may need to have poses modified as your body changes, but a good instructor already knows this.  They will help you customize your workout routine so it suits your stage of pregnancy, and your personal needs.

Yoga for pregnant women is not only safe, but it holds a wealth of benefits, as well.   Not only can pregnant women keep their bodies toned and in good physical shape, but yoga can help them relax, breathe, and relieve tension.

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