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My favorite prenatal yoga DVD

Hi, Maya here,

After I found out that yoga during pregnancy was not a big problem I did have trouble getting to my yoga classes so I decided to get a prenatal yoga DVD.

And of course I couldn’t decide and bought 3 prenatal yoga DVDs :) I thought I’d let you know what I think about them.

Prenatal Yoga – I bought this DVD early in my pregnancy, and found it too easy. However, at 9 months pregnant, it was the only yoga I could still do :) . The pace is good, and the adjusted postures are still comfortable. I’d recommend it for those people who are now finding regular yoga practice no longer feasible.

Summer Sanders’ Prenatal Workout Not really a yoga DVD but still. The DVD has 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester workouts. Each workout is different and each one helps you feel like you’re doing something great for yourself and your baby. Summer Sanders is cheerful and informative, without being cheesy. The video is easy to follow and provides you with an excellent workout for each trimester. I recommend this video to anyone who wants to continue to exercise during pregnancy or even just starting out with a fitness routine in pregnancy. Now I have to say that I didn’t do my exercise in a long time and was still able to do the exercise, though I have to admit, I was so sore after the first few times! LOL My body quickly became used to exercising again and the workouts helped me feel better physically and mentally. I still use this DVD even after my pregnancy just to to stay in shape.

South Beach Prenatal Yoga

I have done this DVD every day since I got it. I love it! It is classy, hip, modern, visually stunning and a fantastic workout and it helps me sleep at night. There is something for all trimesters of pregnancy and all yoga skill levels. And not to mention it saves me money on prenatal yoga classes.

All 3 DVDs show women in different trimesters doing the exercises and mention appropriate modifications. All three videos explain how to do the exercises safely and how to recognize warning signs of overdoing it.

If you’re a yoga gal like me and you want to buy just one prenatal yoga DVD, get South Beach Prenatal Yoga there are all kinds of fun features, including breathing and delivery techniques. I highly recommend this for any mom-to-be.

Click here to read more on South Beach Prenatal Yoga

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Prenatal Yoga DVD Review

This is a little prenatal yoga DVD review from the website that sells this DVD. Now I did not see the DVD but if YOU did please let us know and leave a comment at the bottom of this review so other pregnant women can benefit of it.

I always enjoy watching prenatal yoga DVDs as it makes me relax and feel good about my body so I do encourage you get a prenatal yoga DVD as it also is a great way of learning yoga and what  you can not do when you are pregnant.

The women who bought this prenatal yoga DVD had the following to say:

The things I found most useful were

  • Reference to baby throughout the practice this is something some prenatal instructors fail to bring forward very well. This is the beauty of having a prenatal yoga class just for moms- To really honor the baby throughout the practice. For example, even saying lift the baby was so pertinent to a woman who may not even know how to use her abs by the 3rd trimester. But lifting the baby may make more sense.
  • Easy to follow particularly with the set up of the mats and movement to face the tv. There is nothing worse than a good content dvd but difficult to follow because it was made for people actually watching and doing the practice.
  • The little option box off to the side for some poses was really useful (using the chair, strap, etc.)
  • The sequencing was perfect and I liked that you went back to the beginning poses at the end.
  • The most important aspect was the why we do these poses that you integrated at the beginningend of each section and throughout the poses. It really helps women understand why their hips need to be flexible or legs strong.
  • I liked that you showed how to transition to the floor from seated to lying down (using arms). Some women really dont know how to do this. Same with the pelvic floor exercises great to integrate these throughout.
  • Finally, I teared right up with the thank yous at the end with your families. Such a nice sweet blessing to share.


There are some more reviews on the website go here to read them all prenatal yoga DVD

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The Vital Tools of Yoga for Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is a natural part of procreation. However, no one promises that it will be an easy ride.  Most women experience a number of discomforts and difficulties, and some go through quite a few dramatic changes.  Some of the distresses pregnant women might face are things like backache, constipation, hemorrhoids, fatigue, headaches, heartburn, mood swings, muscle cramps, nausea and vomiting, nosebleeds, varicose veins, swelling of the feet, legs, face and hands, lower abdominal and pelvic discomfort, shortness of breath, and stretch marks.  There are more, but these give you an idea just how dramatic a chance pregnancy can be for women.
The good news is, there are a number of things expectant mothers can do to help relieve or even alleviate these discomforts, and actually improve their chances of having a smooth, relatively easy pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum recovery.  Yoga is one of the answers.
Pregnancy and exercise are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, proper exercises during pregnancy are a very important part of any healthy routine.  Coupled with a mild aerobic program, such as walking, yoga is an excellent choice.  Not only does it help to keep the expectant mother flexible and fit, it can also provide very positive ways of dealing with stress and anxiety.
Yoga actually has five vital tools for pregnant women.  The first of these tools are the yoga exercises themselves.  These poses can work on the reproductive organs and pelvis, aiding in a smooth pregnancy and relatively gentle birth.  They also ensure optimal blood supply and nutrients for your developing baby.  The second vital tool of yoga is Pranayama, or breathing.  Yoga offers powerful techniques for breathing which ensure an abundant supply of oxygen for both the expectant mother, and her developing child.  These breathing techniques also help relieve stress.
The third vial tool is Bandhas and Mudras.  The gestures provide psychophysical stimulation, which has a powerful effect on the reproductive organs.  The fourth vital tool provided by yoga is Meditation.  This therapeutic tool brings about a remarkable awareness of self, and of your unborn child.  It also helps moms-to-be deal with the inevitable stress and anxieties of pregnancy.  The fifth and final tool of yoga is Deep Relaxation.  Yoga Nidra, or sleep, is very helpful during pregnancy.  It provides both physical and mental relaxation, and helps to prepare you for childbirth.
Of course, as with any exercise program, it is important to play it smart.

Start by checking with your physician.  Each mother-to-be is unique, and only your doctor knows for sure if a workout program like yoga is right for your situation.  When you get the ‘go ahead’, seek out yoga classes geared for expectant mothers, and actually, this type of class has become quite popular.

Some yoga poses do not work well for pregnant women.  However, within a class setting, you will have a competent and qualified instructor to guide you through your workout.  Yoga for pregnant women is not only safe, but it is very beneficial, as well.Yoga for pregnant women

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