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Mental and Emotional Benefits of Yoga and Pregnancy

Yoga can help you deal with any mental and emotional stress you may experience during pregnancy and childbirth. Yoga can teach you to focus and concentrate, which can help you through the course of your pregnancy as well as during labor.
Yoga can also help you deal with mood swings, as well as anxiety and fear about childbirth. By heightening your awareness of your body, yoga can increase the confidence you have in your body’s ability to give birth. You may also find that you can discover a deeper connection with your unborn baby through meditation.


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Physical Benefits of Yoga and Pregnancy

Yoga can ease many physical problems involved in pregnancy. For example, performing yoga poses can help relieve fatigue, nausea, heartburn, leg cramps and varicose veins. Practicing yoga also helps you maintain good posture throughout your pregnancy, which can help alleviate backache. Through practicing yoga, you can learn breathing and relaxation techniques that you can use during labor to help you cope with any pain you experience.Yoga and Pregnancy

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Yoga for Pregnant Women through the Three Trimesters

A normal pregnancy which lasts all through its stipulated period of nine months consists of three trimesters of three months each with the initial three months being designated as the first trimester and the last and final three months being the third trimester. Therefore, yoga for pregnant women is also designed in such a way that it caters to the unique requirements of each individual trimester so that the practitioner does not experience either physical or mental discomfort of any

The first trimester commences when the woman conceives and is the most delicate phase since the pregnancy is in its initial stages. Since the first three months are particularly crucial, more so for women who have a history of complications or who have conceived late, the yoga for pregnant women at this stage should consist only of gentle preparatory poses many of which entail stretching in a relaxed manner. For the combination of yoga and pregnancy to be successful throughout till the end of delivery, it is imperative that the yogic asanas performed during the first three months should not be rigorous and are only meant for toning the body in preparation for the next phase.

Having undergone the beginner’s yoga during the first trimester, the woman during the second trimester is in a better shape mentally as well as physically since she is now familiar with the yoga for pregnant women. Since it is during the second trimester that the abdomen begins to grow, extreme stretches and lying on the back must be completely avoided because while the former may inadvertently put pressure on the uterus the latter may cause back pain to the practitioner. Some of the recommended poses during this trimester are the modified child pose and the flying fish pose both of which must be attempted.

The third trimester is the most important phase in terms of yoga and pregnancy as it entails preparation for the final delivery in the safest and most comfortable manner. In this regard, extreme back-bends and forward bends are completely omitted and are replaced instead by squatting postures or the Titali asana, the practice of which is known to ease the delivery.

Further guidelines prohibit the practitioner from indulging in hyperventilation and breath retention practices although focused inhalations and exhalations as a part of pranayam must be mastered under guidance. This not only helps to improve the stamina and energy levels of the expecting mother but brings about a positive change in the overall outlook as well thus being a positive influence on the baby.

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Yoga For Pregnant Women: An Introduction

Pregnancy hails a new period in every woman’s life, filled with love vested in the unborn child. Many mothers-to-be feel more in touch with their own physical, as well as metaphysical, body during this time, which is why yoga for pregnant women is enjoying increasing popularity. Not only does it allow the practitioner to prepare both physically and mentally for pregnancy, but it supplies moms with wisdom garnered through its age-old principles. Sound like your cup of tea? Well then get ready, mom, because you’re about to find out why pregnancy is enjoyable with yoga.

Pregnancy And Exercise: The Benefits

Is yoga for pregnant women OK? It’s a question asked by many mommies-to-be, with the simple answer: yes. In fact, one might go as far as to say that exercise is almost a must, due to the far-reaching associated benefits. These include:

-    Helps with preparation for labour
-    Increases physical strength, stamina and flexibility
-    Reduces weight gain
-    Lowers the chances of a Caesarean section
-    Diminishes the chances of complications

And, if that still isn’t enough to convince you, then keep in mind that exercise is conducive to the release of endorphins which makes for a happier you.
Yoga For Pregnant Women
Choosing the right exercise during pregnancy is essential. Experts warn against activities that will elevate the body’s core temperature as the unborn child has no way to dissipate the generated body heat. Additionally, intense exercise that will cause the flow of blood to be diverted from the foetus to hardworking muscles should also be avoided. As such, yoga is recommended.

The key to success in this case resides with the fact that yoga for pregnant women actively targets those muscles that will be used most during delivery, whilst passively strengthening muscles that will ensure your comfort during all three trimesters.

It is widely recommended that all mothers-to-be choose a beginner yoga routine (regardless of your skill level) that will be safe and comfortable for you and the little life growing inside you. These should be practised daily and be accompanied by specialized breathing techniques called Pranayama, as well as meditation.
Which Positions / Routines To Choose
As a general rule of thumb of rule, you should stay away from those poses or exercises that make you feel uncomfortable or that tax your body too much: if it’s uncomfortable for you, then it’s most probably uncomfortable for your baby. Positions should therefore be held only until that point when you start feeling the strain.

Additionally, it is encouraged to make a list of all the various positions and their associated benefits to choose those most important to you. While some will help reduce weight gain, alleviate back pain or even strengthen those muscles used during delivery, others focus more on posture and spinal flexibility. It becomes a personal choice – each pregnancy is as unique as the mother and her unborn child.

At all times, it is recommended to consult with your local health care physician during all stages of your pregnancy and exercise routines to ensure that you (both) have the best chances of a successful, happy delivery.

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Yoga For Pregnant Women Explained

On numerous past occasions have studies indicated that the foetus or unborn child is capable of experience while in the mother’s womb. If this is news to you, mom, then it’s time to listen up: yoga for pregnant women will give you the power to deal with the fears, stresses and other emotional burdens usually associated with pregnancy. It will also help prepare your body for the big delivery to ensure that everything goes smoothly. After all, statistics indicate that Cesarean sections are fewer among women who practice prenatal yoga.

The Physical Benefits of Yoga (For Pregnant Women)
The fact of the matter is that yoga in itself is a low-impact activity. In the instance of pregnancy and exercise, yoga is ideal due to the following reasons:

-    As your baby grows, it absorbs calcium and other minerals from your bones, making them a little weaker. Yoga’s low-impact benefit will ensure that your risk of injury is greatly reduced.
-    As your pregnancy advances, your body secretes relaxing to help relax your muscles. High-impact activities can be potentially hazardous to your muscles, ligaments and joints while yoga for pregnant women takes this into account, supplying you with exercises safe and conducive to your physical state.
-    Yoga has the power to make your pregnancy easier. Using the right yoga positions will exercise those muscles that are used during child birth. The stronger those muscles are and the more stamina they have, the easier you’ll be able to cope when the time comes.

The Emotional Side
But there’s more to yoga for pregnant women. While the obvious benefit of exercises during pregnancy may lean toward the physical realm, you should keep in mind that yoga is also a mental and spiritual activity, with the capability of improving your concentration as well as state of mind. This is achieved through meditation – a well known and powerful exercise that helps you gain control over your emotions and thoughts.

And to add that final touch to the list of abstract benefits, consider the pranayama: a powerful breathing technique capable of clearing your body and mind of unwanted tensions and supplying your body with a boost in oxygen, and therefore a boost in energy.

What To Do Next
Even the most experience yoga practitioners will recommend a daily yoga routine to ensure mom’s optimal physical and mental state, and therefore baby’s, too. This routine should be filled with physical exercises accompanied with meditation and breathing exercises, so be sure to make enough time.
Aside from making the time, care should also be taken regarding the different exercises chosen. The rule of thumb is to choose a beginner yoga exercise routine that consists of all the necessary activities, even if you have previous yoga experience. And once you have the routine you’d like to follow, there’s one thing that remains: get it checked by a trained professional and confirm it with your local health care expert. That way both you and baby will be safe, healthy and happy for the duration of the pregnancy.


I hope this Explained Yoga For Pregnant Women

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Yoga For Pregnant Women: Guidelines

Yoga for pregnant women

- it’s fun, safe and will supply every mother to be with a deeper sense of fulfilment. Pregnancy is, after all, not only a physical experience, but intensely mental and emotional, too. Yoga is an exercise beneficial to both mom and the little life growing inside, which makes it an ideal activity for those mommies aiming to provide their children with the best possible environment – on more than one level.

Pregnancy and Exercise

Before we get to the guidelines, there are a couple of don’ts that have to be mentioned before we get to the do’s. And prime among them, is the simple principle that should be adhered to at all times: if it’s uncomfortable for you, then it will probably be uncomfortable for baby, too. Here’s a quick list of things to take note of:

- The first and third trimesters should be approached with care. While the former indicates the stage where the brain and central nervous system of the foetus develops, the latter refers to the period closer to delivery.

- Exercises that increase your core body temperature should be avoided: your child has no way of releasing the increased body heat and could be detrimentally affected by the increase in temperature (especially during the early stages of development).

- Avoid exercises that put prolonged strain on major muscles: blood could be diverted from the foetus to those muscles working extra hard, even though you have a 40% increase in blood volume during pregnancy.

That being said, let’s get to the fun of yoga for pregnant women.
Yoga Guidelines (For Mom & Baby)

As far as exercises during pregnancy goes, yoga is one of the most accommodating and can even be practiced up until a couple of weeks before your child is due. It is recommended that you get an expert opinion on the recommended poses (as each pregnancy is unique, just like the child that grows inside every pregnant mommy), but the following will serve as good guidelines:

1. For the duration of your pregnancy, stay with a beginner’s program, even if you are adept in the art of yoga.
2. Relaxin’s secretion is increased during pregnancy – it helps the muscles relax. And while you may be able to perform some of the positions with increased ease, mom, it is recommended that you take care not to overdo it. This will protect your joints, muscles and ligaments.
3. Establish a daily routine that will allow you to practice. This should include meditation that will prove beneficial when the big day arrives (and will also serve as a way to de-stress during those hormonal changes).
4. Pranayama, or breathing exercises, are mom’s best friend. Take the time to acquaint yourself not only with the different techniques, but also their benefits to ensure that you get the best from yoga for yourself and your baby.

And last but not least…

5. Have fun! Your emotional state during pregnancy is of vital importance for you as well as your baby. This is the time where you blossom, mom, so make sure it counts.


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Yoga for pregnant women – Yoga Seamlessly Meshes Pregnancy and Exercise

More than thirty million people practice yoga in American today. Yoga may bring to mind a human body contorted into an impossible position, and yet, it is so much more than that image conveys. There are numerous reasons for taking a yoga class, but most Americans want to find a way to relax and improve their overall health. This means they want something that addresses not only the physical, muscular aspects, but their cardiovascular and mental health, as well. Yoga is a perfect way to achieve all these goals, and this is especially true for pregnant women.

This ancient, gentle art originated in India, and because of its very nature, is extremely adaptable. Because of this, there are numerous courses now offered, which have been specifically geared for expectant mothers. In fact, yoga for pregnant woman can make an incredible difference, not only in keeping you fit and flexible, but in providing a means of relaxation and stress relief. When you combine yoga with a light cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, you have a prenatal workout that can most certainly guarantee some amazing results, both during and after your pregnancy.

Exercises during pregnancy can be both safe and beneficial. Not only does a workout program keep you in shape, a gentle art such as yoga can benefit expectant mothers in a myriad of other ways. Most women combat such discomforts as fatigue, weight gain, tenderness, swelling, mood swings, cravings, constipation, leg cramps, and headaches, to name a few. Yoga for pregnant women, however, is an excellent way to combat all these things, not to mention the emotional benefits, in terms of stress relief and relaxation.

Yoga not only ensures a relatively smooth pregnancy, but the relaxation techniques help during labor. Relaxation techniques and breathing practices can help relieve tension around the cervix and birth canal, making your delivery much easier. The mental health benefits of yoga for pregnant women are phenomenal, as well. One very practical aspect of this, is simply attending a yoga class geared for pregnant women. You will meet other moms-to-be, which ultimately provides you with a support group. Yoga also stresses focusing on the moment, and deriving joy from each and every day. This can be extremely advantageous when your hormones are chaotic. Yoga also stimulates the production of beta-endorphins, which can generate a sense of comfort and relief.

Pregnancy and exercise do not have to be mutually exclusive, if you choose a gentle art like yoga. Despite the fact that it can be very physically demanding, yoga is adaptable, making prenatal workout programs very doable, and extremely effective. It’s always wise to check with your physician before starting any exercise program, and certainly, there are some yoga poses that are not recommended for expectant mothers. Nonetheless, when you enroll in a prenatal yoga class, you will work with a trained instructor who can gear a workout routine to meet your specific needs. There is no doubt that yoga is the perfect way to mesh pregnancy and exercise, safely and effectively.

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Yoga for Pregnant women – Yoga Exercises That Work Well During Pregnancy

When we think of yoga, often times what comes to mind is a body that’s been contorted into an impossible position. However, yoga is far more than that. In fact, for centuries, it’s been used to help people center themselves and relieve stress. This gentle art originated in India, and has become a very popular way of increasing strength and flexibility, as well as relieving tension. In fact, in many countries, yoga for pregnant women is the only viable option. Yoga is an excellent way to stay lithe, and get ready for birth.

If you are considering yoga exercises during pregnancy, it is always advisable to consult your physician first. Yoga is a flexible art, and has been adapted for pregnant women. However, every woman is unique, and only your doctor can evaluate your particular circumstances, and endorse an exercise program. One of the poses, or asanas, recommended for moms-to-be, is the Cat-Cow, or Pelvic Tilt. This position is good for relieving back pain, which is a common complaint during pregnancy. The Cobbler or Tailor’s pose is a sitting position that will help open the pelvis. Squatting is something you can do every day. It helps you relax and open the pelvis. It also strengthens the upper legs. As you begin to feel heavier in the later stages of your pregnancy, be sure to use props to help you with the squatting, like yoga blocks or stacked books. You can rest your bottom on these. Be sure to focus on your breathing, and let your breath drop deep down in your belly.

During pregnancy, you can also do some of the standing poses, like Warrior I, Warrior II, and Tree. All these poses will help to strengthen your joints. They also improve your balance. In fact, the Warrior poses actually help ease sciatica and backache. The Downward-Facing Dog is a pose that can energize your entire body, but do not try it during your third trimester. You can also use the side-lying position. It is an excellent resting pose at the end of your workout.

Your yoga teacher may recommend some variations with these poses, and they will probably offer you many other poses that are safe exercises during pregnancy. Like any exercises during pregnancy, however, there are some yoga techniques and positions you need to avoid. It would be wise to skip poses that require you to lie on your stomach or back for longer than a few minutes. This is most especially true after your first trimester. Other things to avoid would be the deep forward and back bends, as well as deep twists. Also, skip the head and shoulder stands during pregnancy, and any positions that make the abdominal muscles stretch too much.

With a bit of caution and common sense, Yoga for pregnant women is an excellent way to stay fit, and prepare for childbirth. With a qualified instructor, you can set up a very effective program that seamlessly meshes pregnancy and exercise.

Music for yoga for pregnant women anahata asianevening

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Yoga for pregnant women – Is Prenatal Yoga a Good Exercise Option?

Some people have the misconception that yoga is a very quiet practice, and they see it linked to eastern religions and myths. Yoga did originate in ancient India, and it was an integral part of Hinduism, however today, most practitioners practice the secular version. Indeed, more than thirty million Americans practice yoga today, and in fact, prenatal yoga classes have become quite the rage.

Pregnancy and exercise can mesh quite well, if you are careful about the exercise program you embark upon. Yoga is a gentle art, and quite adaptable to the needs and modifications required during pregnancy. This makes it an ideal workout option for expectant moms. Of course, it‘s always best to start off by asking your doctor to approve any type of workout program, but once you have his blessings, yoga is certainly a viable exercise choice. In fact, many physicians recommend a mild cardiovascular workout, such as walking, combined with something like yoga, which enhances flexibility, muscle tone and overall fitness.

In your first trimester, there are yoga positions that can help with circulation, strengthening your legs, and increasing your energy levels. Such poses as The Mountain, The Triangle, The Warrior and The Tree, all provide relaxing stretches.

In the second and third trimesters, it is advisable to avoid any pose that requires you to lie on your back, as this can decrease blood flow to the uterus. You will also want to decrease your practice time, to avoid fatigue. Do not hold your poses too long, and use props for balance, as your center of gravity will begin to shift. It is okay to put pressure on your shoulders and back, but never on your abdomen. You will always start and end your workouts with a few minutes of relaxation. The classic Corpse Pose works well for this. During the last months of pregnancy, it can be hard to find a relaxation pose that’s comfortable. You might want to try a modified Child’s Pose, or Abdominal Corpse Pose.

Yoga practitioners believe that breathing exercises, or pranayama, will calm and control the flow of energy, which is known as prana. Pranayama is especially important for moms-to-be. Practicing breathing techniques increases the flow of oxygen, and helps to calm both the mind and body. If you want to prevent soggy abdomen, stretch marks and weight gain, it’s a good idea to practice the Modified Cobra pose on a daily basis. The Cat is a pose that is excellent for keeping your skin soft and elastic. It also strengthens the legs and pelvis, and helps your lower back stay limber. Both Wall Stretches and Squatting will help prepare your body for delivery.

The best way to incorporate pregnancy and exercise is to enroll in a prenatal yoga class. These classes gear their programs of yoga for pregnant women, making exercises during pregnancy effective and safe. A trained instructor will guide you through your workout, modify poses as needed, and make sure you are maximizing your workout, throughout your pregnancy.

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Yoga for Pregnant Women: 5 Hot Facts

Well done – you’re pregnant, mom! There’s no time more special than the one you’ve just entered and, as such, we’d like to make it even more special by sharing some of our secret facts as to why yoga for pregnant women is the new ‘sliced bread’. So without further ado, let’s get started:

1.    No Fear – say it out loud! The truth is that yoga for pregnant women consists of an abundance of techniques that will help eliminate the usual pregnancy-related fear from your life. This will encourage greater piece of mind and reduced anxiety, which will be beneficial to you and your baby.

2.    Better than conventional exercise. Medical experts agree that conventional exercises during pregnancy can be detrimental to your health as well as baby’s health. Here’s why: your baby has no way of releasing the body heat you generate. During the first trimester this can affect the development of his or her central nervous system and brain.By choosing the correct yoga routines, exercises during pregnancy not only become fun, but actively target those muscles used during delivery whilst passively stimulating others to ensure that your pregnancy is as comfortable as can be.

3.    Prevention… is better than a cure. Say goodbye to stretch marks, weight gain, bad posture and the host of other pregnancy-related problems, before they even arrive! Yoga for pregnant women will ensure that you enjoy a peak physical state during pregnancy as well as after.

4.    Grow within yourself. As you’re probably well aware, this new stage of your life heralds a change in the way you see the world. Yoga for pregnant women is based on principles rife with wisdom and techniques that provide you with invaluable insight for all those difficult choices that lie ahead.

5.    Deep relaxation is what it’s all about. The changes that occur during pregnancy can become a strenuous experience. And to help the body recover, conventional wisdom states that sleep is the best solution. Yoga for pregnant women consists of deep relaxation techniques that encourage the nervous system to change from sympathetic to parasympathetic activity. In simple terms, this means you’ll be going from normal restorative rest to super restorative rest.

That being said, if that sounds like your cup of tea, here’s what to do next:Get in touch with someone who has an agreeable level of expertise when it comes to yoga for pregnant women. Having guidance to get a grip on the pregnancy and exercise will make the experience easier and more enjoyable.Take Care of yourself and your unborn child by choosing those routines that are easy to do and conducive to your pregnancy. These will more often than not consist of general or beginner positions and should be maintained for the duration of your pregnancy.

The key to success is daily practice. Having a routine and sticking to it will ensure that your body and mind adapts to the stimuli provided by yoga. You’ll be able to get into the mindset more quickly and resolve any emotional and physical discomforts with ease.

To help you quickly resolve any physical and emotional discomfort even easier check out this Complete DVD on Yoga

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